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Name and Educational Degree(s) Farson, Deborah, BA
Business Name FarsonInk
  • BA in Zoology from University of California at Los Angeles
  • The real education was obtained in over 30 years experience in laboratory research at UCLA, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Hana Biologics and Cell Genesys.  The on-the-job training advanced my career from entry level lab assistant to Senior Director of Research and Development Services at Cell Genesys.
  • Introduction to Effective Medical Writing: Center for Professional Innovation & Education
  • American Medical Writers Association Workshops: Basic Grammar and Usage, Punctuation for Clarity and Style, and Sentence Structure and Patterns
  • Project Management, Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute
Business Address 2215 Paseo de los Chamisos
Santa Fe, NM 87505
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        FarsonInk offers extensive experience in writing, editing and formatting a wide variety of scientific and medical documents for individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations.  There is a particular focus on editing and revising documents written by scientists for whom English is a second language. 

        Documents have been prepared on such topics as solid tumor and blood cancers; hemophilia; angiogenesis; gene therapy; HIV; immunotherapy; cellular and molecular biology; antibody production; gene targeting; viral vector production; extracellular matrices; assay development.  The types of documents include manuscripts, reports, presentations, abstracts, newsletters, posters, graphs, tables, flow charts, bibliographies and web content.  Computer skills include MS Word 2007, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, Prism and EndNote.


I am an accomplished scientist with over 30 years experience in academia and the biotechnology industry. I have authored or co-authored 5 issued patents, 16 peer-reviewed papers, 27 abstracts, numerous posters, and have reviewed manuscripts for journals.  In addition, I wrote, edited and formatted reports summarizing research and development data in support of patents, FDA filings, business development documents and peer-reviewed publications. Polishing reports and manuscripts written by scientists for whom English is a second language has been a particular focus of my recent work. 

Prior to the establishment of FarsonInk in early 2009,  I was a Senior Director of Research and Development Services at Cell Genesys, Inc. (1991-2009), where I was responsible for cell line development, the cell culture facility, cell line characterization, virus production, DNA sequencing, Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting, media preparation, glass wash and library and information services.  I was responsible for documentation of research and development in notebooks, manuscripts, detailed reports, abstracts and posters.  I managed cross-functional teams that included research, clinical and regulatory personnel. 

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