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Name and Educational Degree(s) Kark, MD, Pieter, MA, MD
Business Name Full Circle Consulting -- SF Bay

Oxford University, UK: BA with 2nd Class Honours, MA (Medicine/Animal Physiology)

Harvard Medical School MD cum laude in general studies

Business Address 1600 Villa St.
Mountain View, California 94041-1174
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Executive Coaching

Creating consensus from conflict

Organizational development/leadership


Consultant practice in neurology, medicine, end-of-life care, and research and teaching: Boston, Bethesda, Los Angeles, Shreveport, Syracuse, more than 15 years

Associate Professor of Neurology at UCLA and LSU; Founding Chief of Neurology Service, of Hospital Based Home Care Outpatient Program, and of Geriatric Outpatient Program, at VAMC Shreveport; Lecturer in Medical Humanities at SUNY Upstate Medical Center, Owner of Neurological Consultations

  • Enabled modern NY State law for dying people by creating consensus from divisive conflict on Bioethics Committee of the Medical Society of NY for unanimous opinion to Legislature and Governor’s office.
  • Saved 4-fold ROI annually for medical center by reducing patient re-admission rates from 20 monthly to almost none, by aligning and coaching multi-disciplinary team to use modern treatments.
  • Authored 89 original medical/scientific communications on diseases and medical ethics; improved quality of practice and patient advocacy by forming >30 aligned teams of physicians, guest scientists; medical, graduate, and college students; and physician extenders: teams doing clinical, educational, and research activities; and coaching teams and members to work humanely.
  • Ensured >150 terminal patients got quality of life and treatment they preferred by coaching and resolving conflicts among families and healthcare staff over dogma, uncertainty and guilt.
  • Produced modern, scientifically-based, humane driving regulations about health in NY State by creating consensus from conflicts on the DMV Medical Advisory Board and coaching Board members.
  • Coached and tutored 5 groups of 10 – 12 medical students on improving inter-personal relations so as to discuss divisive political and ethical topics with respect for opposite opinions.
  • Inspired effectiveness and quality in more than 20 teams of physicians treating acute illnesses of artists to enable them to perform; and coached performers to continue their profession by avoiding and reducing stresses that lead to disabling problems.
  • Coached authors to write clearly and concisely for first book on pathophysiology and treatment of Inherited Ataxias, organized International Symposium of 125 participants, raised funds, and ran Symposium smoothly.

and AMA/RWJohnson Foundation/Northwestern University Program in Education for Physicians (Professionals) in End-of-life Care: New York, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Mexico Trainer of Trainers (Facilitator) (1999-2006)

  • Trained 1500 physicians, nurses, social workers, administrators, chaplains and other healthcare workers in effective, compassionate ways to care for dying people so as to maximize quality of remaining life, and themselves to train their own colleagues; by aligning and inspiring faculties to facilitate 20 EPEC Programs in 5 states.
  • Improved 12 NY Programs by writing and facilitating modules on Cultural and Spiritual Diversity and on Stress Reduction for the Practitioner.


Life Loan Foundation, Palo Alto, CA Medical Director 2005-2008

  • Created non-profit to loan funds to dying people to improve their quality of life by inspiring team, resolving conflicts, and writing much of business plan. (Market collapse of 2008 blocked further efforts).


Star’s Edge International, Orlando FL, SF Bay Area, CA Licensed Avatar® Master 2005-2011

  • Learned and used skills and tools of a robust technology of work in consciousness to coach others in self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-knowledge, and to forge aligned and effective teams.
  • Guided several hundred people to acquire skills and tools to succeed enjoyably in aspects of career, finances, health, and relationships which they had not found enjoyable or successful, by coaching and by working in and aligning numerous groups and teams.

Enterprise Resiliency Group (ERG), Silicon Valley Senior Partner 2009-2011

  • Created Group by bringing 6 experts into cohesive emergency and disaster planning team, and finding non-profit healthcare beta-test site;
  • Wrote 32-page report of prioritized suggestions to healthcare non-profit, by leading core team and 6 others through successful test in minimal time and resolving conflicts among the team so report was unanimous.
  • Made the non-profit resilient – able to withstand a broad range of potential emergencies, disasters and business disruptions -- by guiding healthcare’s management and staff to implement ERG’s recommendations.


Abilities United, Palo Alto, CA Board of Directors 2008-2011

  • Assured agency flourished despite loss of 20% of State funding by inspiring and coaching departmental managers to align across silos, to explore viewpoints and methods outside their comfort zones, and to collaborate on social enterprises;
  • Resolved 28 health and safety issues for disabled clients by investigating nature and degree of problems, clarifying priorities, and working with Board and departmental managers to create effective solutions.
  • Developing living All-Hazards Disaster Plan by inspiring, coaching, and coordinating work of a team representing all silos.


American Red Cross – Silicon Valley Chapter, Santa Clara County CA 2007-2011

Coordinator for Mentoring, DAT Captain, Sheltering Supervisor and Instructor; Health and Safety Instructor.

  • Engaged 15% more volunteers for new Chapter by organizing, coaching, and leading a mentoring program: acclaimed by Executive Director and Board as major success for Chapter’s first year.
  • Inspired key people to collaborate in new Chapter by resolving conflicts between people from two disparate, culturally-distinct, former chapters during merger.
  • Led more than 15 focused teams to aid clients effectively and compassionately in responses to local and national disasters, by coaching members of each team while in action.

Toastmasters District 4, SF Peninsula, CA Club President, Area Governor, Coach. 2005-2011

  • Motivated a failing club at an IT firm to succeed by coaching and inspiring members to align purpose, mission, and activities.
  • Coached and inspired officers and members of 5 individual clubs, 4 of them at IT firms, so as to lead the Area to be Distinguished.
  • Used skills as an organizational consultant to coach a club, that had failed with an earlier coach, to achieve in five months Select Distinguished status, the second highest club award.


ProMatch (Nova/Connect!/EDD), Sunnyvale, CA 2010-2011

Facilitation Team; Co-Lead Problem-Solution-Results & Resumes Team; Author & Presenter, Workshop on Reducing Stress

  • Assured > 100 professionals had effective resumes by re-writing presentation and handouts for Targeting Your Resume Workshop to emphasize importance of T-charts and Result-Solution statements, and using latter to create exciting Summary statements, facilitating workshops and coaching one-on-one.
  • Ensured > 150 professionals created solid Problem-Solution-Result statements and effective resumes by facilitating workshops and coaching one-on-one.
  • Trained >150 professionals to facilitate by co-facilitating Facilitation Skills Workshops.
  • Trained >100 professionals in exercises of consciousness to reduce stress quickly and effectively.
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