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Name and Educational Degree(s) Thompson, Rodney, PhD
Business Name BioPharm Process Associates

B.S. Chemical Engineering - 1980

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Graduated 1 in a class of 66

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering - 1986

University of California, Berkeley, CA

NSF Graduate Fellowship

Business Address 50 Crest Road
Piedmont, CA 94611
Contact information
Mobile Number:
Email address:
Website URL:
(510) 985-0336
(510) 985-0337
(510) 220-5802

B i o P h a r m   P r o c e s s   A s s o c i a t e s, Piedmont, CA 

Our firm delivers strategic cGMP manufacturing consulting services for biotherapeutic, vaccine and novel drug delivery products produced with robust manufacturing processes at production sites worldwide.

We provide strategic guidance and essential industrial expertise for the bioprocess development, scale-up, design, manufacture, quality assurance and validation of your products. We identify and analyze potential partnerships, perform due diligence, evaluate bioprocess manufacturing alternatives and provide quantitative models of your biopharmaceutical manufacturing operations. In addition, we work closely with clients to achieve bioprocess manufacturing operational excellence and optimization of the manufacturing process, production planning and materials management systems.

We work closely with company management—and provide the critical skills necessary—to develop strategies that minimize the time to your successful FDA filings, thereby getting your products into the commercial marketplace quicker. Much of our work is strategic in nature, providing input on the most cost-effective bioprocess development, definition of transferable manufacturing bioprocesses, identification of manufacturing alternatives, efficient production planning and finally integration of all of the necessary cGMP compliance components and quality assurance support systems. We specialize in both bioprocess manufacturing optimization and organizational excellence, assisting our clients to implement the best technology and involve the best people to achieve world-class biopharmaceutical manufacturing operational results.

We provide the following consulting services:

  • Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Strategy
  • Outsource/Partner Manufacturing
  • Design/Build Manufacturing Facilities
  • Process Development, Scale-up and Technology Transfer
  • Quality/Regulatory
  • Due Diligence and Technology Assessment

Dr. Thompson has 23 years of experience in the biotherapeutic, vaccine and novel drug delivery industries.  He specializes in the development of cost-effective, reproducible biotherapeutic, vaccine and novel drug delivery product manufacturing processes; biopharmaceutical process design and process validation; the outsourcing and technology transfer of cGMP-compliant manufacturing technology; implementation of quality assurance systems and outsourcing contract negotiation.  Dr. Thompson has led and contributed to numerous international technology transfer projects at cGMP compliant facilities in both small and large corporations. He has managed the process design, technology transfer and manufacturing implementation for 15 different biopharmaceutical products in the last 20 years.  Dr. Thompson regularly teaches courses in technology transfer, process validation and the cGMP production of clinical trial material and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

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